My Story

Many experienced bloggers, or avid blog followers will quickly realize that I have never done this before.  While I have read and followed some blogs, I have never written one of my own so hopefully I will begin to get my ‘blog legs’ and the posts will begin to flow, and hopefully they will be interesting!

I figured the best way to begin a new blog would be to divulge some personal info, and tell the world a little about the rookie racer.
My name is Paul, and I am a twenty-three year old living on Long Island.  I received my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Binghamton University in May of 2009, and my master’s degree in December of 2010 also from Binghamton.  I spent the end of the 2010-2011 school year as a substitute teacher, and plan to continue in that role for the upcoming school year.  I spent the summer teaching summer school math, and while it was a challenge, the experience I gained will prove invaluable in my teaching career.
Alright enough with the boring stuff, I know everyone is asking the same question…I thought this blog was a bout competing in races, why all this boring stuff about teaching! I apologize, but i thought to give some background information about my life may lend some insight into the stresses I face in my day to day life.
Anyway, I was born a competitor.  I spent my younger years playing tee ball and soccer; played football, baseball, and wrestled throughout middle and high school; and now have gotten into racing.
Rewind to August 2006…the beginning of my college years.  Going from a three sport athlete in high school to  a no sport athlete in college was in some ways traumatizing.  I didn’t know what to do with all of my free time!  I soon decided to fill my free time eating instead of exercising and watching TV instead of studying.  Needless to say this was the may which lead directly to me becoming the heaviest I had ever been in my life, and so out of shape, I would get tired climbing the three flights of stairs to my college dorm room.
Fast forward to May 2010…I visited my best friend at Quinnipiac University after his graduation and met my current girlfriend Amy.  One of the first things she told me was that she ran races, she even went out for a run one day while I was there, I think mostly to impress me, but that’s okay, it worked!  Anyway, she then began to tell me that her family was all into racing and competition and even that her cousin was training for an Ironman.  Being naive I asked what an Ironman was, and she responded “I have no idea but part of it is running a marathon.”
Needless to say, Amy opened my eyes to the world of racing, and that year for her birthday being the best, or stupidest (still haven’t decided) boyfriend ever, I signed the two of us up to run the inaguural bridge run half marathon in Binghamton.  I figured from that time, I had six moths to train I could try to get myself into shape for this race, and suffer through it.  Well, I hated it! (more to come about this hatred in later posts)
Even thought I hated and suffered through the entire half marathon, something inside me flipped and I was hooked! Hooked on racing, and obsessed with getting into better shape, getting faster, beating myself.  I have been training hard ever since, and signed up for six more races since then.
A big part of my motivation is to one day beat my girlfriend’s family, but I can’t let them know that yet because right now I don’t think I’d have a chance.
Guess that’s all for now.  I will begin posting recaps of my past races and progress toward ‘Operation 23 by Twenty-Four’ soon

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