Runyon 5K @ Yankee Stadium

August 9, 2011–

I have always been a HUGE Yankee fan, so running a 5k contained entirely in the new Yankee Stadium was an incredible experience.  The race started on the first floor concourse where we ran two laps and then headed down into the under workings of the stadium and came out on the warning track of the field!  We took two laps  around the warning track where I stopped to take pictures…

My brother Justin and I at the foul pole in right field.

My brother Justin, and I in front of the Yankee’s dugout.

Me in front of the door to the Yankee’s bullpen. (I had Enter Sandman playin on the iPod…awesome moment)

Amy and I post race.

After the warning track came the harder portions of the race, climbing and descending stairs to the other concourses.  It was a lot of fun, but definitely not something you practice as a runner.

We certainly didn’t win this race, and well never planned to.  We had a great time, and enjoyed the experience.  Maybe next year I will run more competitively.

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