Town of Huntington Sprint Tri Preview

Okay, I know it’s been awhile since the last post, but not much going on right now.  After this post, and the post race post, I am going to have weekly posts on how operation 23 by twenty-four is going.

Tomorrow is the Town of Huntington Sprint Triathlon, the last tri I am signed up for for 2011, which will likely mean I will leave everything I have out there on the course.  The race is held at Crab Meadow Beach in Northport, and is a Sprint Distance.  The swim and bike legs are shorter than the swim and bike of my earlier sprint, but the run is 3.3 miles .2 more than the other one.
I drove the course today after picking up my race packet.  There are a few decent up hills, on the bike course, but comparable down hills as well, so not very worried about that.  My biggest worry about the race is that most of the first half of the run is up hill.  I hate running up hill.
Goals for the race:  I am shooting for a time under 1:30:00.  I think I will spend about 15 minutes in the water, 35 minutes on the bike and 30-40 minutes running…Giving me a grand total of 1:20:00-1:30:00 without including transition times. So we’ll see how that goes.
For now, off to bed to get my few minutes of restless sleep I have come to expect the night before a race.  I will post results and a race report tomorrow afternoon.

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