Newport Half Marathon Race Preview

October 14, 2011 —

Sunday is the UnitedHealthCare Half Marathon in Newport, RI, and I have to say I am actually in some ways looking forward to it.  Like I have said time and time again, in no way do I consider myself a runner…(although having run 10+ miles a week for almost a year now, I may have to start), but I am finally in a place where I am enjoying running. One of the greatest feelings is the one you get after finishing a long run.
Training for this half has gone so much better than my training for the Binghamton Bridge Run Half back in May.  I think my triathlon training really kept me focused and on track for this race.  Although my distances for the triathlons were much shorter, I threw long runs into my tri training to prepare myself for the half.  I feel very prepared for this race, and hope to reach my goal of finishing quicker than 2:30:00.  My time for the Binghamton half was 3:15:00 which would, if I hit my goal, shave close to an hour off of my time from the last half.  
Tomorrow afternoon I will be heading up to Rhode Island with Amy to check out the Race Expo and pick up my race packet & bib number of 4162.  After the Expo, we will head over to Amy’s Uncle’s house to spend the night before waking up bright and early and heading to the race start.  My 2011 race season will come to a close in just over a week.  Tomorrow’s half marathon and next Saturday’s 10k are the last two of my planned races.  
That’s all for now.  Check in Sunday night to see how the race went.

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