23 by Twenty-Four Update

November 10, 2011 —

Thing are going well.  My last check in, I weighed 222.2 lbs.  Today I weighed in at 220 pounds!  Thats another 2 pounds lost, and another 2 pounds closer to my goal of 210 pounds.  I am well underway into marathon training, and the increase in exercise is definitely helping.

I must say though, I could be losing more weight if I could stay away from ice cream, and make some better choices when eating out.  However, I am still moving in a good direction.  I also feel that having these foods is making this experience more bearable.  I think I would be miserable if I completely cut out ice cream and pizza.  However, I do know that if I want to cut down past 210, I will eventually have to start really watching what I am putting into my body.  But for now, I will keep doing my best and slowly shedding the pounds.

I have thirteen weeks from Saturday November 12th until my birthday.  At a reasonable rate of 1 pound a week, I should definitely reach my goal!  Keep your eyes open for another check in.  Hopefully the next time I check in, I will be in the ‘two-teens’!

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