Mid December Updates

December 15, 2011–
Okay it’s about time for an update.  Here goes…
1) Marathon Training is going great!  Rock’n’Roll USA is only 13 weeks away which means I have been in training for 11 weeks now.  I just got to the point in my training where I am beginning to increase the mileage of the long runs past 8 miles, and my weekly runs are now a minimum of 5 miles.  All of the training runs have been going great! I just recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405, and I post all of my activities on twitter so feel free to check them out here… https://twitter.com/#!/vecchi1.  
2) Operation 23 by Twenty-Four is really going well! I have been dropping an average of one pound a week, and most recently weighed in at 213.2 lbs, only 3.2 pounds away from my goal weight of 210 pounds before my twenty-fourth birthday.  I know that I have not yet accomplished this goal, but my next goal will be to run the marathon on St. Patrick’s Day at 200 pounds.  Again, if I can lose just one pound a week, I will hit this goal.  
3) Out of nowhere lately, I have found some extra speed running.  On most of my training runs I have been running at a pace of 9:35 or better, and on a few runs lately I paced under 9:00.  
I think that is it for now…More to come in the near future!  Tomorrow is Friday! Weekend is finally here!

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