Road to 70.3

January 17, 2012 —

Happy Tuesday!  I hope that those of you who had a three day weekend enjoyed the extra day off on Monday for MLK Day.  For those of you who did not have Monday off, I hope you had a nice day at work yesterday.  
This weekend was filled with some pretty big decisions on my part.  Marathon training has been very successful so far, and I have to say I am feeling somewhat invincible at this point.  It was this feeling that led me to just look at some half ironman events in the area, and what training for a half ironman would entail.  At first, this was just a thought and something I was not sure of being plausible.  
Many things had to fall into place for this to all come together.  I first needed to find an event late enough in the season to give me sufficient time to train, which after researching different training plans seemed to average about 18 weeks.  I also wanted to find an event before September so that should I get lucky and find a full time teaching job for September, I won’t be too overwhelmed with the new job and intense training all at once.  This left me in the month of August assuming I would start training after my marathon, and I needed to only find an event a reasonable distance from my house.
I stumbled upon the Rev3 Racing website, and to my pleasure, found that they are, for the first time hosting a half ironman in Maine on August 26th at Old Orchard Beach.  This fit my timeline perfectly, and talking to Amy, she told me that Old Orchard Beach is a beautiful, so we may make it into a small five day four night vacation! (Two birds one stone!)
So, after a weekend of back and forth mental battle of whether or not I thought I was insane (still not sure which side of that argument won out) and if I thought I would be able to do  this, I have decided to make the trip up to Maine for the Half Rev at Old Orchard Beach.  Amy is working as we speak to put together a training plan for me compiled from training plans we found on various websites online.  Maybe at some point I will post it somewhere on the Blog.  I will also put up a countdown for the Half Ironman event at some point in the near future.  
Thats all for now.  I definitely have to create something for the Half Rev for my Goals board!

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  1. Woop Woop! See you too there. If you want to do professional group coaching, Rev3 just announced programs focused on each individual race. There is access to private team forums too, and I'll be on there with the rest of Team Rev3. Fun people. Really smart and helpful too. if you don't, I'm happy to give advice where I can on your training plan.

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