No Shirt, No Medal, Just Sore Legs, and a Serious Runners High

January 23, 2012 —

Today I decided to make up the 14 mile run that turned into just over 4 because of Saturday’s snow storm.  Another record for me as far as distance.  My previous best was 12 miles, and today I covered 14 in just over two hours and twenty five minutes.

I got home from school, which for me is work, threw on an Under Armour turtleneck, a pair of compression shorts, a pair of running shorts, and my valley stream north basketball Nike tech tee, filled up and strapped on my fuel belts and headed out.  The forecast called for rain this afternoon, but only at a 35% chance until 7pm which I knew I would have been home before.  Well, I guess the weather report was wrong again, because just about an hour into the run the rain started coming down.  Thankfully it was not very heavy at all.  I was not ready to call it quits on this run which had already been cancelled once.  So I kept ticking off the miles step by step.  I felt very good for the entire run, I have definitely improved my cardio-vascular endurance because at no point of the run was I sucking wind at all.  Great Feeling!

For anyone who has never run in the rain, I definitely recommend it.  I personally really enjoy running in a light rain.  It can get to be too heavy though, and that is really not a good time.

I must say though, there is definitely something to knowing that at the end of your long muscle busting run, there is someone to congratulate you and put a nice shiny medal around your neck.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that all of this training is working toward a final goal of the marathon in DC.

If anyone is interested, you can take a look at today’s run here…

I originally had it at the beginning of the post, but knew that everyone would click the link and then be so impressed with the run that they would forge to come back to read the post.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for some info on a biggest loser competition I entered at work.

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