100+ January

January 30, 2012 —

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekends, and made it through their Monday successfully.  I struggled through work today, but somehow survived the day!

My first update is that this morning when I looked at the scale, I now have a recorded weight loss of 58 pounds, and an unofficial weight loss of probably close to 70 pounds.  A great feeling, and definitely a testament to the how hard I have been working and training this past year.

Secondly and more importantly (at least more impressive in my opinion), at the one mile mark of today’s run, I hit the 100 mile mark for January.  With a goal of running 1000 miles in 2012, covering 100 in the first month definitely has me on my way to hitting that goal as well.  I close out January covering 105 total miles, as I do not have a run planned for tomorrow.  Who knows maybe I will try to see if I can top 105 miles in a single month later in the year.

Finally, there are 12 days left in operation 23 by twenty-four.  Obviously, from the news two paragraphs ago, I have far surpassed my goal of 210 pounds by my twenty-fourth birthday.  I now hope to be under 200 pounds by the big day.  Back in October, almost six months ago, when I first came up with this plan and challenge for myself I didn’t think the day would ever come.  I have been wanting to lose weight and get down to 210 pounds for the last four or five years and have never succeeded.  It feels great to finally hit that goal I have been trying for so long to accomplish.

One more thing, I did always say that if I got back down to 215 pounds I would get another tattoo…so expect that to come soon.  I just am not sure how a new tattoo will mesh will all my marathon training, so it may need to wait until after the big race!

That’s all for now, get out and make your dreams come true!

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