Leaping to another 100 mile month

February 27, 2012 —

Hello all! I really have not had much to write about on here lately, and hope I was not too sorely missed during my absence.

Here’s an update about what has been happening over the last two weeks.

Marathon training has been going very very well!  I was sidelined for a few days after I got my tattoo (maybe I will remember this and not get inked at the peak of marathon training in the future).  I recovered quickly and was quickly back on track.  This past weekend I completed an 18 mile long run, and am looking forward to a 20 miler this coming Saturday!  I currently have 93 miles racked up for the month of February, and with 2012 being a leap year and 8 mile runs scheduled for tomorrow and wednesday, I will again surpass 100 miles in one month!

With the race being just under 3 weeks away, I am beginning to realize that the day of those 26.2 miles will soon be upon me.  Back in October when I first decided to run a full marathon, I felt as if March 17th would never come.  After the marathon, I will be focusing on triathlon season and have my first tri just 6 weeks after the marathon!

I have entered a Biggest Loser Competition at work, and was challenged to lose 8% of my body weight by April 4th.  For me, that 8% would bring me down to 189 lbs. I weighed in today at 195, which means I have only 6 pounds left to lose over the next five and a half weeks.

That’s all the updates for now.  Check in for my marathon goals and expectations in the coming days!

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