Rock’n’Roll USA Goals and Expectations

Good Afternoon! For those of you at work, it’s FRIDAY!!!!

Here is what’s been going on lately for me… Running running running.  Training has gone really well, and tapering went well as well.  I feel I am as well prepared for this race as I could be, and am very excited to have my chance at 26.2 tomorrow morning.  Sadly, I will only be running with nine and a half toe nails (more to come on this in the race report), but it will not stop me or slow me down!

Okay here are my expectations for the race:

1- I do not expect it to be easy, but I will be giving 110% percent on the course, and expect to be running the entire 26.2 miles with only walk breaks for eating/drinking if necessary.

2- I expect the course to be amazing! I drove past some of the monuments earlier today and was mesmerized, so I can’t wait to run past them tomorrow!

And my goals:

My A goal is to finish sub 4:25.  I will be going out with a 4:25 pace group, and anticipate being able to hold a steady 10:00/mile pace.

My B goal is to finish sub 4:35.  This would give me an average pace of right around 10:30/mile

My C Goal is to finish sub 4:50.  Giving me an average pace of around 11:00/mile.

My D Goal is just to finish.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day, and I will be sure to let everyone know how these 26.2 miles go for me!

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