Memorial Day Weekend and Race Preview

May 29, 2012 —

Okay…so here’s a quick recap of the holiday weekend.

Friday night after work I headed up to Larchmont to spend the weekend at Amy’s.  Friday night we to La Herradura with our friends Steve and Marisela and then went back to Amy’s to watch the Ranger Game (They lost, I cried, still not completely over it…that’s all on that subject).

Saturday we went to Steve’s for an early Memorial Day BBQ.  A few friends from college and a few of Steve’s cousins were there and a great time was had by all.  The BBQ reminded me of a sixth grade dance with all the boys sitting at one table and all the girls at another.  We ate, drank, and reminisced about our college days…simply amazing!

Sunday, we headed back to my house early in the morning and I had an 8 mile run planned.  By the time we got back to my house, it was almost noon and the temperature was a scorching 80+.  The sun was bright, and my 8 miles quickly turned into 6.  It was a hard 6 miles after a weekend of not worrying about what I was putting into my body, but fought through it and got those tough 6 under my belt.  Sunday night I engorged myself on some of the most delicious Chinese dumplings  have ever eaten.  I haven’t eaten like I did on Sunday in a very long time.

Monday was a long ride day.  I got up early and hit the road.  I rode the six miles up to the Long Island Expressway and got onto the service road.  I rode another 9-10 miles out east to Rt 107 where I turned around and headed back.  The whole ride was just over 30 miles and took 1:37:40.  I was pretty happy with my pace and my time considering I had never surpassed 28 miles on the bike, and the longest I had rode this year was only 20 miles.  Monday afternoon/evening was spent at a graduation party for my friend Joe’s younger sister Jessica.  A lot of fun there as well.

Okay so now let me talk about the race I have coming up.  Very excited, and I have to say this now I will be so disappointed if we don’t get to swim Sunday.  I think I am very well prepared and equally excited to be racing again this season.  This will be my fourth race of many this season, and like many of the others, the goal is to podium.  I have never been one of those people who is satisfied with ‘just finishing.’  Last year being my first year in the sport, I was not as concerned with not finishing on the podium, but now that I have that year of experience under my belt, I want to be up there in the top.  I will post again after I pick up my packed on Thursday.

That’s all for now!

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