Getting Back on Track

June 28, 2012 —

In the past four weeks, I have run three races.  Two sprint triathlons, and a half marathon.  Although these races were built into my training plan, I feel that they have managed to throw me off of my training schedule.  I did not feel physically fatigued after the triathlons, but am certainly feeling a little mental fatigue.  I attribute this mental block to a number of things.  The school year was winding down and I was continuing to apply for teaching jobs for both summer school and for september.  There is still no update on september, but I did end up getting an offer to teach summer school at Lawrence High School.  The stress of finding a job piled on top of stress in looking for an affordable apartment to live in with Amy has surely been a lot to handle.

I have definitely fallen off of my training plan, but I will be getting back into it this weekend with a 40-45 mile bike ride saturday morning.  I will check in again to let everyone know how it went!

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