Tri Season Draws to a Close

Sunday was my last triathlon of 2012.  It was in some ways sad, but in many ways a great end to a great year.  I accomplished a ton this year, and saw some real growth and improvement in my abilities!  At the same time, I know that I definitely did too many races this year, I think 17 or 18 total.  TOO MANY!  So look for 2013 to have a much briefer race schedule.  I just love the sport so much that it is hard to say no to a race.

Triathlon has become a true passion of mine, so don’t be too surprised if a big announcement comes soon about a potential Ironman race.  Still on the fence, but I know which way I am leaning.  I am very, very busy with my new appointment as a leave replacement Math teacher, so I will try to write a race report for the Mighty Hamptons sometime this weekend.  Stay Tuned!

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