Rock’n’Roll Race Reports

Recently I have run two half marathons I haven’t yet been able to write about.  I ran Rock’n’Roll Providence and Rock’n’Roll Philadelphia in August and September, respectively.  I enjoyed both of these races a lot, as I have all of the Rock’n’Roll events I have done.  Rock’n’Roll races are always so well organized and supported.  These races are always a ton of fun to participate in and worth the higher than average entry fees.  

Providence — The Providence race was held on August 19th and it was my fifth half marathon of 2012.  My first half marathon this year was also in Providence and featured many of the same roads, turns, and hills. The Providence Half marathon was the weekend before my first half ironman triathlon, so I really wanted to  take it easy but at the same time needed a little bit of a confidence boost going into the next weekend.  It was a nice cool morning in Rhode Island when the race began.  I started out at a nice steady pace and was looking to come in anywhere between 2 hours and 2:10.  I kept that steady pace until about mile 12 where I stopped to walk through the final aid station before running to the finish.  My knees have been bothering me a little bit lately, but not so much that it effects my running, I just feel the pain.  I feel like I have a bone bruise right below my right knee, and my left IT band often feels sore as I get deeper into the miles.  Overall, the pain was not too bad for this race, and I finished at 2:06 and change.  My PR set this year in providence was 1:54:19, so I was a little ways off from that time, but for the amount of races I have done this year and all of the wear and tear on my body at this point, I was very happy with that time.  

Philadelphia — Philadelphia is a really cool city.  I had never been to Philly before the Rock’n’Roll Race.  In fact, many of my races have been the reason to visit countless new places.  It’s been a real joy visiting new places to participate in races.  The Philadelphia had quite a few more participants than the Providence race did; probably 8-10 thousand more racers here. I love a big race with thousands of participants.  It is really cool to be with so many other people who enjoy the same thing that you do.  The Philly half course was pretty basic.  It was a small tour through the city of about 4-5 miles and then a 4 mile out and back along one of the rivers that runs in the city.  I again was looking for a finish time of under 2 hours and 10 minutes, and just hit that with a time of 2:09.  

I have just one more half marathon in 2012, and will be looking to go sub-2.  I have 3 weeks between now and the race, but 4 weekends to get long runs in if you count tomorrow.  I am going to try to bang out an 8 mile run around 1:10 tomorrow morning, a 10 miler in 1:25 next weekend, another 7-8 the following weekend and then race the one after that.  I have mixed emotions about that half though because I am running a 10k the day before it and want to hit a big 10k PR.  We’ll see where I decide to focus my energy.

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