Looking Forward to the Future

Good Evening, and Happy Weekend!! As far as jobs are concerned, today was the last day of September, and we are now into October!  October means that my race season is wrapping up over the next two weeks which leads me to begin looking forward to the 2013 Race Season.

I have some BIG plans for the 2013 race season.  As of right now, I have two races planned, but know I will be adding at least one more.

Those are the two races I currently have scheduled, but I know I want to add a Half Distance Triathlon sometime in June.  We will ultimately see what race that ends up being, but I am hoping to use it as a test of my fitness leading up to the closing months of Ironman Training.

I am very excited to take the plunge into Ironman training, and will be spending the next months building an endurance base before I begin focused Ironman training after my marathon in March.  Last year I decided to challenge myself with a Half Distance Triathlon which I completed this past August, and know that with hard work and dedication, I will be able to succeed.  Right now, I am thinking I just want to finish the event, but I am sure that time goals will develop and then be changed as time elapses.

That’s all for now.  Face your fears and do things that scare you.  Never be satisfied.

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