New training plan…new running shoes

Focused marathon training has officially begun.  October 1st was my first official day of training for 2013’s running of Rock’n’Roll USA Marathon.  My training plan has me running 4 days each week and cross training on two with one dedicated off day to rest and recover.  These two cross training days will be dedicated to swimming, cycling, and lifting.  I will most likely be adding a second day of swimming and cycling each week in the near future but want to focus on building my endurance without taking too much time away from my everyday life.

This first week of training saw me running a total of 7 miles.  Which is nice because the plan I follow really builds you up from scratch.  I followed this same plan last year when training for Rock’n’Roll USA and felt that I really established a great endurance base which I relied on all season.  Running is still my weakness, and marathon training last year helped to cut over fifty minutes off my half marathon PR.  I am hoping for more positive results from this year’s training!!

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