All Moved In

This past weekend Amy and I moved into our new apartment in New Rochelle, NY.  Saturday was spent packing last-minute things and actually moving into the apartment.  The journey began with me hopping onto a plane up to Massachusetts to meet Amy so we could rent a u-haul and bring some of her things down which she still had at her mother’s condo in Danvers.  After I landed, we picked up the truck and loaded it with all of Amy’s belongings.

We began the four-hour drive down to New Rochelle where the first load of ‘stuff’ was to be dropped off at the apartment.  My brother met us here and helped with the first unload.  He left his car here in New Rochelle and drove with me in the U-Haul back to our house on Long Island.  There, I was delighted to learn that family friends of ours, Bob and Andrea came to help with the move!  I had a ton of stuff to move from my house including most of our furniture and would have had hours of work without their help.  We loaded everything onto the U-Haul from my house, and then made the drive back up here to the apartment.  Justin and I came in the U-Haul and my parents drove up in my car and Bob and Andrea came up in theirs.  With everyone’s help, we quickly unloaded the truck and got everything into the apartment.

Sunday was spent unpacking as much as we could, but we also had errands to run so we did some of those as well.  On top of all of that, we were preparing for Hurricane Sandy to hit.  Sunday night Amy and I both got calls that work would be cancelled for us.  That allowed us Monday to use to unpack as well.  We did not get hit too badly with Sandy.  We did lose power for about 48 hours, but it came back last night finally.

The storm hit Long Island much worse than it did here in New Rochelle.  Many towns on Long Island have seen terrible and devastating damage.  There were countless downed trees and lost power and that was the least of the damage.  Many homes were flooded and destroyed.  An entire community in queens lost over 100 homes in a terrible fire.  My school has been closed all week so far and is still closed today and tomorrow.  Hopefully we will be able to get back to work and normalcy soon.  My parents are still without power, but are managing the best they can.

I will update soon with pictures of the new apartment! Please keep those most affected by hurricane Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.

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