Out with the old (2012)…in with the new (2013)

December 31, 2012 —

This will be my last post of 2012, and there are just a few things I need to take care of before the year ends.  First I think it is always important to reflect back on the year that was, so let’s take a look back at 2012.

I started 2012 with two big goals in mind: Finish a marathon and finish a half iron distance triathlon.  I accomplished both of those goals! First checked off the marathon in Washington DC and then the half iron tri in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  I also for the first time broke a 2 hour half marathon…first in Providence and then again in Newport.  I moved out of my parent’s house and into a new apartment with Amy which has been incredible.  I was surprised with a last-minute offer for a job as a leave replacement math teacher which has also been a great experience.  And, Finally, I decided that in 2013, I would compete in my first Ironman Triathlon.

That brings me to a look forward into 2013…As previously stated, I will be running Ironman Louisville in August and am beginning serious focused training in February.  As part of this goal, I will be working to cut my body fat percentage to around 10 percent by August in preparation for this race.  Amy will also be working this year to finish her first marathon, which I hope I can be of some help to her while she is training.

Also in 2013, I will be looking to find a permanent teaching position so that I can begin working toward tenure.  I also have committed to trying to post here at least once a week to recap my training, and progress.

I hope that as 2012 winds down, everyone has an opportunity to reflect back on the year that was and look forward to the year ahead.  May 2013 see goals reached and dreams fulfilled.  A happy and healthy year ahead!

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