Quarter Century…

On the eve of the twenty-fifth anniversary of my being brought into this world, I can not help but to look back on the last twenty-five years and reflect on everything I have done. I am also looking forward to the next twenty-five years and beyond.

The first twenty-five years on my life have been wonderful. I had a great childhood, with great parents and friends. I got a great education and feel I am prepared to take on the world as I enter into what most people call the real world. Yeah, I have been out of college a few years now, but I have recently considered myself to be real world acclimated. I am living on my own now, working full-time and supporting myself.

The next twenty-five years for me will hold countless adventures, surprises, and excitements. I really look forward to these new adventures to be coming my way. Here is a list of things I expect/hope to happen in the next twenty-five years of my life:

– Complete an Ironman
– Find a job/career that excites me every day
– Get married and start a family
– Qualify to run the Boston Marathon
– Qualify for the Ironman World Championships
– Have a lot of fun
– Take challenges head on and succeed in all that I attempt

Here’s to the next twenty-five years of my life, and the twenty-five after that!

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  1. Happy birthday Paul. Wishing for you all your dreams to come true. We always knew you would be successful in anything you tried. Proud to call you our “second son.”

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