Ironman Training Weeks 1-3

Okay, so…time has been getting the best of me lately.  Being a first year teacher, no matter what part of the year you’re at is very time consuming and adding ironman training on top of that, and your free time is almost non existent…assuming you’re still getting a substantial amount of sleep.  I always try to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep, so the free time is minimal.

Having such little free time, has limited my ability to post on here, but I am doing my best.  let me catch you up on the last three weeks.

The first six weeks of training are an adaptation phase.  I am getting my body used to the different types of workouts and the training volume which has only been building.  I’m going to just do a quick overview of what workouts I have been doing on which days.

Monday — A long swim workout focusing on technique.  Usually a minimum of 3500 yards which is right around the 2 mile mark.   There are a ton of kicking and stroke drills which have been really helpful for me.

Tuesday — A 70 minute bike workout followed by a 15-20 minute Transition Run.  The bike workout changes from week to week, and is full of different drills and spinning at different levels of difficulty.  It makes these 70 minute workouts go by very quickly.

Wednesday — A nice aerobic swim workout.  Longer intervals and less focus on drills and more on stroke.  When I do these swims I focus on bi-lateral breathing a very important tri skill.

Thursday — The key workout of the day has been a one hour fartlek run.  Also on thursday is weight training, and a swim if I feel up to it.  So far, I have not been doing the extra Thursday swim, but as the training goes on and school ends, I see myself throwing this workout in.

Friday — This has been a rest day for me in this phase.

Saturday — Saturday is long ride day.  So far, the rides have been 2-3 hours, but as the training goes on they can become as long as 7 hours.  Every ride is followed by a T-Run.  Right now 15-20 minutes but could go up to an hour.

Sunday — Long run and weight training.  Currently the long run is right around 70-80 minutes.


So far, training has been going well.  I have been keeping to the schedule well, and have not missed many workouts.  I think that one of the biggest things for me during this training will be taking care of my body (i.e. stretching, icing, ice baths, etc.) so that I can continue to hit all of my workouts.


I’ll check in again next Sunday!

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