Training Week 4

Sunday, April 7 —

Monday — Monday was a long swim focusing on technique.  With baseball practice now in full swing, my free time is dwindling.  With all of my training, eating dinner after 8 PM has become the norm for me.  I am considering coming straight home from work and eating dinner quickly before doing my workouts.  The pool closes at 9:30 so getting home and eating by 6 or 6:30 would give me enough time to still make it back to the gym and get a good workout in before showering and going to sleep.

Tuesday — Nice Bike workout to test my limits and heart rate.  I did a 15 min warm-up and then starting at 15 MPH held a constant speed for 90 sec recording my perceived effort and heart rate.  After 90 sec, I increased my speed by one MPH and recorded the same information.  I repeated this until i could no longer hold the speed.  I got up to 24 MPH and got my heart rate up into the 180s.  A very tough workout, but also a lot of fun.  After this, I hit the pavement and got in a nice 20 min run

Wednesday — Unplanned rest day.  Practice ran late and I hit some traffic on the way home.  DIdnt get back into New Rochelle until after 7:30.

Thursday — Supposed to be run and lift, ended up being just a run.  It was freezing outside and my knees were killing me as I ran.  Ended up being a little shorter than planned, but I got most of the run done.

Friday — planned rest

Saturday — 3 hour indoor ride w/ 20 min T-Run  50 miles on the bike and 2.25 mi on the T-Run

Sunday — unexpected rest.  Went to Massachusetts for the weekend, today I drove home and put together a new shelving unit.  Day just got away from me.


I am so excited that warmer weather is coming! Workouts are so much easier when you don’t have to battle the frigid weather.

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