Training Week 5 Recap

Monday — Technique swim workout.  I did not get through this whole workout.  Probably close to 80%.  It was not because I was tired though.  Apparently if there is lightning, the pool is closed for 45 minutes, even though it is indoors.  Didn’t really make all too much sense to me, but hey whatever if they are only trying to protect my safety I guess I’ll have to take it.

Tuesday — 70 minute bike ride followed by a 20 minute run.  I think the run was shortened, because it was late and I was hungry, but the weather was great!

Wednesday — Sprint Swim workout.  Enjoyed this workout…worked on speed and endurance.  I realized that I really enjoy swimming when I am either in a lane alone or with just one other person, but circle swimming is the bane of my existence.  I can’t stand it when slower people, who watch me and my lane mate swimming quickly and continuously, choose to come into our lane and then cause serious traffic jams.  So frustrating!

Thursday — Run.  Quick workout.  I did a fifteen minute warm up followed by two fast 800s, two fast 400s and two fast 200s with a 15-20 min cool down.  It was nice to ramp up the speed and intensity a little, but it definitely took more of a toll on my body than I had been used to.

Friday — Rest.

Saturday — 3.5 hour long ride followed by a 20 min t-run.  Ride was one of my more difficult rides to keep up intensity.  The weather is starting to get warmer, and the desire to complete these rides outside is increasing.  Holding my attention while on the trainer is starting to become difficult.  I still need the temperatures to come up just a little before i can get outside though.  I followed this with a 12 minute ice bath.  Easily the worst part of the workout.  I will readily abuse my body with an intense workout, but getting into an ice bath is terrifying and more painful than anything.  It is incredibly helpful though, and i realize the benefits when after these long hard workouts, i feel relatively no soreness and fatigue…so it has to be done.

Sunday — Long run.  Ran 90 minutes and covered just under 10 miles.  9.8something I think.  Solid pace for me considering I had just had an intense workout the day before and I did not bring any nutrition with me.  Usually on a run of this length I will have one Gu or serving of shot bloks around the 40 minute mark.  Totally forgot to pack it with me, and definitely felt a little fatigued the last 20-25 minutes of this run.

Week 5 in the books.  19 weeks to go until Lousiville.  7 to go until the Quassy half.

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