When Life Gets in the Way…

So…a lot of stuff has been going on over the past few weeks and months.

Since February I have been tirelessly searching for a permanent job teaching high school Math.  Initially I focused my search to Long Island and Westchester.  Then as the job openings became scarce and the interviews came and went with no good news, I expanded my search to include New York City.  The city search afforded me some additional interview opportunities, but alas unsuccessful.  FInally I have expanded my search to include just about anywhere in the continental United States.  Last week, I flew out to Arizona to check out an opportunity at Winslow High School.  Ultimately, it did not work out and just ate up 4 days of training.

While this tiring time of job searching continues, there has been some happy news in my life.  On May 4th, I with ring in hand, I asked Amy to Marry me…she of course said yes, and we have since begun to plan a wedding for next summer. This too has been taking up some training days…mostly with exciting things like parties and celebrations, and being too tired or under the weather from long nights of celebrating.

Now under normal circumstances, these lost days of training are ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  What is more important…having a job and a wonderful beautiful fiancee or spending 3-6 hours doing a long ride and run on a Saturday morning?  Obviously normal people would say job and wife without question, but triathletes are a certain kind of crazy and definitely not normal and training for us comes a very very close second to job and wife.

Ultimately, I have more or less been keeping up with my swimming and biking, but really missing out on a lot of my running, and it is what it is.  Come August 25th, as I am really hurting on the marathon Leg of Ironman Louisville, I am sure I will look back and wish I had made more of these runs, but for now I am just rolling along and taking these little setbacks as they come.

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