Last week of one of the longest and most stressful years…

One week from today is Ironman Louisville, an event I have had my sights set on for the past year.  I had every intention of training harder than I have trained before and killing this race.  And then…life got in the way.

I spent months looking for a job teaching in the NY area to no avail.  This sent me spiraling up and down on an emotional roller coaster.  Continuously applying for jobs; sometimes getting interviews and positive feedback only to be told you do not have enough years of experience to be hired is very difficult to comprehend.  It brings incredible doubt to mind and really sent me soul searching.  I considered changing careers, going back to school, moving out of state, and so many other options before deciding that i would begin to look to teach out of state.

I spent all of June, July and most of August applying for jobs and traveling around the country neglecting most of my training.  I still feel good about the race next Sunday, but I am not where I had wanted to be by any means.

I am looking forward to this race, and looking at is as a cap on one of the most stressful and hectic years of my life.  I will be starting my new job in Virginia tomorrow morning with my first day of new teacher training, and will finish my first week with the race in Louisville.  I am excited, have a good feeling, ready to rock, and definitely ready to put a close to this past year.

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