Pre IM Louisville

Grab onto your seat and hold on tight! This past Sunday was Ironman Louisville one of the greatest emotional roller coaster days of my life.  Grab a comfy seat and prepare to read on to get some first hand insight of how the day went.

Image 30Let’s first backtrack a few weeks to the beginning of my training downfall.  If you remember, about six to eight weeks before this race, Amy and I made the decision to move to Virginia after touring Arizona, NC, and Virginia.  This put a serious damper into my training cycle and really left me worried about this race much more than I should have been.  I was still able to keep up my bike and swim training, but my run training seriously suffered.

We arrived in Kentucky Friday afternoon after a nine hour drive from Virginia.  We immediately checked into the Galt House Hotel and headed right to the athlete check in to pick up my race packet.  This was very organized and a completely painless process.  I had worried that in doing a race of this magnitude, the checkin process would be disorganized and take very long, but WTC had everything terrifically organized.  After getting my packet, timing chip, etc. We were ushered into the official Ironman Merchandise store.  Awesome! Picked up a few items to commemorate my first Ironman triathlon and headed back to our hotel room.  I wanted to get a feel for the weather so I grabbed a quick 3-4 mile run along the river down to the swim start and back.

Late Friday night, I cleaned up my bike, stocked up all of my nutrition into my bento box stashed a few extra tubes and CO2 into my speed box andcleaned/lubed up my chain.  Saturday morning, I set up all of my transition bags beforeheading to the practice swim.  The river was nice and pretty warm.  After the swim, I went back to the room, grabbed my bike and transition bags and went to drop them off at transition.

Image 27Image 31




After everything was dropped off, Amy and I walked down toward where the finish line would be on Sunday and actually got to watch some of the workers put together and set up the finish chute…actually really cool!!


Image 1Image 7Image 25


Check back soon for the race report!

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