Settling in Again

Just about 6 weeks ago now was Ironman Louisville.  (Swim, Bike, Run).  I am finally starting to feel like I am getting in some good training again.  All of the soreness and muscle fatigue as well as the mental fatigue has all subsided and I am finally starting to get back on the road.

I have begun with a few short easy runs to get my legs back into shape.  I have my long run up to about 6 miles right now and my pace back close to where it was before my run training completely fell apart back in June/July.  I haven’t yet taken the bike out for some serious miles, but got it onto the trainer a few times and have been feeling good there too.

Right now my focus is on getting lean.  I have been working on my eating (slowly) and lifting to get my body into peak physical shape.  Knowing that Lake Placid has such a great elevation gain has inspired me to trim down so that I wont be lugging any extra weight up those climbs.  True training for IMLP begins in early February, but don’t think I’ll be dormant in the mean time.


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