Monday Musings

14 October, 2013 —

The weekends have been a time for me to think and reflect on anything and everything.  Sometimes I think about personal things and sometimes I think about general things.

I wrote yoga into my workout schedule this week:

I have done some yoga as parts of workouts in the past and always got a crazy sweat going and  felt some serious strength in my core.  Right now, I am trying to focus on cutting fat and improving my core strength which led me to write a few days of yoga into the schedule.  I will be experimenting with some YouTube videos for a good routine I can do.

There is not enough [or any] national triathlon coverage:

This past Saturday was the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  Nearly two thousand individuals participated in a 140.6 mile race through the lava pits.  I understand that compared to other sports, the Ironman is a very young event, but the physical capabilities of these athletes is incredible and deserves some national recognition.  The top play of sports center or a short segment on the morning news would have been really cool.  However, I didn’t see anything like that.

I find myself more mature…when did that happen?

I have been playing through Grand Theft Auto V the past few weekends, and I must say the amount of violence and abhorrent language  featured in the game is unbelievable.  Every other word out of the character’s mouths is some form of a swear word and even though it is cartoon violence, the game creators have been doing more and more to make the game more lifelike and it is really showing.  There is even one mission which requires you to torture an individual to get information out of him using various methods of torture.  I have played every other title in the GTA series, and have never felt this way before.  I have always acknowledged that there was a lot of bad language and violence in these games, but this is crazy!  Young children are playing these games (even with the Mature rating).

Cooking Dinner at home can be both easy and fun!

Lately, Amy and I (mostly Amy) have been searching through social media sites and the internet to find fun and creative recipes for us to try.  There are a ton of recipes available out there and most of them are delicious!  Tonight, we had home-made Mac and Cheese with sausage.  It was very tasty, and as healthy as Mac and Cheese with sausage could be.  We have been enjoying making these meals and enjoying eating them even more!

Having a dog is awesome!

We have had Winslow almost 3 weeks now and every minute has been awesome.  Each day, he is getting bigger and smarter.  It is really nice to take him out on walks and have him be really well-behaved!  It is also really nice to get so many compliments about how cute he looks.  It opens the door WIDE OPEN for me “he takes after his dad” comeback! Always gets a laugh.

Pictures make blog posts more bearable

I went back to re read and edit this post before i published it and it was just a little dry trying to get through without pictures.  Next week, I’ll try to get some pictures in there…especially of Winslow!

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