Monday Musings and an Unplanned Victory

Puppy Training

Winslow has now had two puppy training classes.  Amy and I think he really enjoys them, and he is a very intelligent dog.  He is quickly picking up on the different commands and can perform his little “tricks” very well.  I feel like when we are in class, he is showing off for the instructor.  He is such a sweet little andgel and always does what she asks.  At home though, unless we are actually working on skills, it is as if he has never heard of these commands before.  If he is chewing on a bone and you ask him to sit he will look at you and his eyes say…”sit? I’m chewing on a bone…ive never heard of this sit before”  I know that with enough repetition he will get it and man will that be a GREAT day!  I will say though the fact that he doesn’t use the bathroom in the house is a real feat and I don’t care if it takes him 100 years to learn to sit or lay down.  Not having to clean up puppy messes is well worth it!

I love Calculus

I teach high school geometry and algebra, but really miss calculus.  I helped a student wil some calculus problems last week and it really brought me back to my mathematical glory days.  Calculus really requires a lot of thought and logic and really getting deep into a problem gives me great enjoyment.  Also, it has , in my opinion, more real world applications than geometry or algebra.  Calculus allows you to find rates of change or an object’s velocity.  Very important to Physics.

I love the unexpected Victories

Sunday, I had every intention to go out for a 6 mile run.  The longest I had run in about 6 months was just over 5.5 miles and I didn’t want to go too crazy too quickly.  So my mind had been made up and I was going to extend out to 6 miles.  Well needless to say when I returned home and saw an 8 on my Garmin I was pumped.  I at first thought there must have been some mistake but then remembered I had been running on new roads and didn’t yet have a good sense of how long/far each of these roads were.  When I was still living and running in New York, I had gotten to the point where I could accurately tell you how far my run was just based on the streets I had been on.  Now, I am still developing that feel for my new home.

Thats all for now. Check in later for some training updates and more of my thoughts!


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