Emerging from Hibernation

Some may be thinking…where has this guy been?  To be completely truthful, that thought has crossed my mind several times over the past weeks and months.  These past months have been completely crazy.  In the past six months I packed up and moved to virginia, started a new job, completed my first ironman triathlon, got a dog, got a tattoo, amy moved to Boston for a new job, quit said first job, packed my stuff and moved back home with my parents, went back to my old job, joined a new gym, and now here I am sitting in my living room watching the Ranger Game (go Rangers).

One thing has stayed constant throughout, and that has been my training.  In all the hectic times, I needed something that stayed constant for my own sanity.  Ironman Lake Placid is still in the works, but a late half IM may end up being my A race of the season.  Few variables to sort out, but it will certainly be one of the two.  Although…have to be honest, 2014 is going to be more about amy and I getting married and finally settled in some type of apartment/jobs than racing.  Then once all that is decided then i’ll worry about racing.  Until next time, Cheers!

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