When Life Gets in the Way

Everyone has a list of things they need to be doing as part of their routines.  I have quite a few myself…Family, Work, Training, just to name a few.  Unfortunately, there are situations that force some of those things to take a back seat.  Unfortunately for me, the first thing to take a back seat when life gets in the way is posting here.

What has been getting in the way you ask? That’s a great question.  In the past 8 months my life looks something like this:

– Consider Moving to Arizona for work

– Decide to stay on LI and not go to Arizona

– Change our minds and decide to move to Virginia for a job in a small High School

– Sign up for IM Lake Placid with Amy

– Travel to Louisville for first Ironman Triathlon

– Amy struggles to find a job

– Get a dog (Winslow)

– Amy gets a job (Moves to Massachusetts)

– Leave my job in Virginia (Move back to NY with my parents)

– Return to VSN as a substitute teacher

– Apply to graduate programs in Biomedical Engineering

– Currently waiting to hear back to see if I will be going back to school in the fall

If you couldn’t tell, this has been a crazy and hectic few months, but things are finally beginning to wind down and here I am, back writing again.  Training for IMLP is underway and has been going as well as it can considering every other weekend either myself of Amy is traveling to see the other.  More on that to come!

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