Anyone looking for some advice?  Don’t plan a wedding, train for an ironman triathlon, and still expect to actively maintain a blog.  That being said, the wedding is just about set, for three months from tomorrow…time is truly flying.  Speaking of time flying, Ironman Lake Placid is quickly approaching as well.  Training has been going very well…

We have been putting in some good training sessions in preparation for the race.  If you remember, my fiancé and I are planning to be together throughout the race. My goal for this race is to finish in 16:59:59 or better, cross the finish line with Amy, who will become my wife thirteen days later, and have fun.  We are looking to just go out there and have fun, soak up the energy from the crowd, and push through with each other’s encouragement.

It is both nerve wracking and exciting when we sit down and think about the race and the wedding.  I am hoping this weekend to be able to give a more detailed account of what has been going on.

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