Smith Point…The Impromptu Triathlon

For the first time ever, this past weekend I just sort of decided to participate in a triathlon.  To be fair, Amy and I had been talking about finding and completing a shorter triathlon some time this month as we prepare for IM Lake Placid to help her remember what race day for a triathlon feels like.  It has been almost three years since she toed the start line of a tri and as many know, it can be an overwhelming experience. 

We had been scouring the internet looking through local events for the perfect tri to enter.  This summer is incredible busy for us with events leading up to our own wedding and several friends’ weddings which we are attending. 

We came across the Smith Point triathlon which I had completed in 2012. By the time we had found it, online registration had already closed, but they were accepting registrations at check-in until the race reached capacity.  We decided to drive out to the packet pick-up on Saturday to see if we could grab a spot in this event.  We lucked out and the race still hadn’t filled up before we arrived and were both able to participate.



The swim was a short 500m triangular swim in calm waters.  The water was freezing, and it took a little while to get comfortable swimming, even with my wetsuit.  Eventually though, I found my rhythm and had a strong swim. 

Swim Time: 09:22

T1 Time: 01:09


The bike portion was just shy of 10 miles on a flat out and back type course.  I pushed as hard as I could on the bike knowing it was a short course, but still wound up about 90 seconds slower than the last time I had ridden this course.  Makes sense as I have been focusing on endurance more than speed in my ironman training, but annoying as a competitor nonetheless. 

Bike Time: 29:00

T2 Time: 00:47


This brings us to the run a 5k out and back course.  The run is where traditionally I had really suffered in the past.  I am used to being dropped on the run, but that was not the case Sunday.  Sunday was the first time I felt very strong on the run leg of a triathlon.  I pushed as hard as I could and PR’d this run course by over 4 minutes.  Not one person passed me on the run, and I even passed one runner, something I am not accustomed to at all.

Run Time: 21:03

Finish Time: 01:01:23

AG: 4/19

OA: 39/366


This weekend we head to Lake Placid to preview the bike course and run a half marathon featuring most of the IM run course.  This will be a good indiciator of where we are in terms of our training and fitness!



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