Boy…Has it Been Awhile

Whoa! Sorry, I wasn’t expecting to see you there! Is probably what every body is thinking right now.  I know, I have been [mostly] MIA since sometime in June…and let me quickly apologize but quite a lot has been happening and changing.  I don’t want to make this post too long, so let me briefly recap everything that has happened since my last post and then I promise to elaborate on some of these items in the coming days.  First, I completed my second Ironman at Lake Placid, first time up there and it is beyond beautiful! So beautiful in fact that I re-upped for this year’s race! Two weeks later I got married to Amy, mostly to lock up a solid race photographer for the rest of my life! But seriously, we had an amazing day and are both so happy!  About two weeks after that I started school again…this time to work on a PhD in biomedical engineering! It was quite a shock to the system after being out of academia for over four years.  I also for the first time began working in a laboratory doing research which has been an eye-opening experience…I think I found the place I will likely be spending the next few years while I work on my degree.  In September, I began working with a triathlon coach, and have truly loved every minute of it thus far.  I am seriously looking to find my limit and attack it in 2015, and I really think coach Nate with Organic Endurance (@OrganicCoaching) is right guy to take me there.  That’s all I’ll post for now, but I will be back to add some more insight soon!

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