Hard Work Pays Off

I have been in the endurance sports game a grand total of 5 years now.  2016 will be the sixth “season” in which I compete in races.  The first three or four seasons I have to say I wasn’t doing much more than going through the motions, getting in some solid training, but with very little focus on improving and a lot of attention paid to simply putting myself in a position to finish any race I entered.

As I entered my 5th season, I was at the point of my racing career where I had already completed two Ironman triathlons and had my third penciled into my race calendar.  Everyone knows what they say about the 140.6 distance…the first is to prove you can do it, the second is to prove the first wasn’t a fluke, and the third is to shave an hour off your time.  Shaving an hour off a 140.6 time is no easy feat, but partnering with the expertise of Organic Endurance coaches Nate Matsui and Matt Wontz I did just that.

Now the focus is off, for the moment, going the full distance, and on getting FAST.  This season will feature 70.3 racing, and road racing primarily .  This change in mindset has put me in a position where consistent, smart training and good clean eating are what is truly going to propel me to the place I want to be.  Gone are the days of simply showing up to train or race following a night of eating fried foods and not sleeping well.

To than end, I have been pushing myself to really make positive changes and decided to take a chance and apply for some sponsorship and support… and wouldn’t you know it seems like the hard work paid off.  I found out last night that I will be a nuun ambassador for the 2016 season!   I am very excited and extremely honored to have been chosen, and hope I will be able to live up to their expectations and do them proud!

Nuunbassador 2016.jpg

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