Motivational Monday


This week, in my own life and training, I’m focusing on eliminating excuses from my life.  I have to say I have become much more focused of late, but I still find myself changing workouts (mostly time) because of stupid things like the weather, or timing.  There are times that I will wake up and peek at the current weather and say to myself ok, I’ll get this in later when it is a little warmer, or less windy.  For the most part, I still get these sessions in, but there have been times where things came up and sessions had to be skipped.

So this week, I’m saying F-You to excuses, and my goal for this week is to hit every session at the time I planned to, regardless of everything going on around me.  This week I have FT testing on the schedule to figure out where I stand compared to myself in the past.  This testing will also help my coach and I shape my training plan for the next few weeks.

So like I said, this week is about eliminating excuses…and I really think this quote holds complete truth.  If something is important to you, you will find a way to get it done, and if it’s not, you will find an excuse.  Eliminate excuses, and success will follow!



Until next time, endure on!

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