Monday’s Motivation

I spent all of last week testing my fitness so that:

a) my coach and I could shape the next few weeks of training and

b) I know exactly where I stand as of today


This week I am focusing on pushing myself to be better.  I am not worrying about what anyone else is doing because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter.  Endurance Sports are different from traditional sports in that competitions are often spaced out so that there are weeks, months, or even years apart, and the journey to achieve success is defined strictly by the individual participating.  Sure, you could try for an AG win, or even an overall win, but the facts are there is a good chance that will not just happen overnight.

Instead, I judge myself on whether I feel like I am giving everything I can to my training, which goes far beyond just my swim, bike, and run sessions.  This week I am going to not only focus on nailing all of my training sessions, but also nailing my nutrition, sleep, and making sure I am stretching and foam rolling.

I feel like this mindset can be easily applied to any aspect of life.  We need to stop placing so much focus on what others are doing, and be concerned with whether or not we are working as hard as we can and pushing ourselves.  We are our own competition, and our own worst enemies.  Let’s stop losing to ourselves, and make sure we are going hard, and being our best. ALWAYS!


Until next time… Endure On!







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