Monday’s Motivation

Welcome to February everyone! Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in January? Is everyone where they hoped or wanted to be at the beginning of February?

This week, I am looking through a lens of determination.  Determination doesn’t just mean not giving up, or pushing through a difficult workout.  This week, I’m using determination to mean pushing myself past my comfortable limits to ensure that I am doing everything in my power to better myself.

I have countless times, gone to bed at night saying to myself… “I wish I had finished that whole workout,” (I’m terrible with cool-downs) “I wish I hadn’t eaten that _______,” or “I wish I did ________ today like I planned to.” This week I will be going to bed with the satisfaction of knowing I did everything I planned, nothing I didn’t, and had successful days.

I think this is a good measure of success in any area of life.  We need to live regret free, and not get into bed at nighting thinking “what if…” If we are going to bed satisfied with our day, and waking up empowered and determined to have another great day, we can reduce stress, and lead happier and healthier lives!

Until next time, Endure On!!
Determination : Satisfaction

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