What’s Coming Up

2016 Race Plan

2016 will be for the first time in 3 seasons that I won’t “go the distance”.  I am taking some time away from 140.6 racing to focus on getting faster in all 3 disciplines and seriously improve my running.  2016 will see no more than 2 70.3 triathlons, some olympic tri’s, and some road racing, and a lot of small local fun racing.  Here’s what’s been set in stone so far…

June 18, 2016 – Patriot Half Triathlon — Having just moved to New England, I think it is a requirement to race in Patriot.  Very excited about this race and have heard nothing but good things!

August 28, 2016 – Rev3 Maine HalfRev — I’ve raced here before as my first half.  It will be interesting and fun to head back 4 years later and see how I’ve progressed over the last 4 years.

October 9, 2016 – Newport Half Marathon — Been here before also, but haven’t been back in 4 or 5 years.  Great race, beautiful scenery, always a good time.

November 22, 2016 – Philadelphia Full/Half Marathon — Ran a half in Philly previously, and always hear great things about this race.  Depending on where I am in my training I’ll go half or full distance here.

Plenty of room in there for shorter local races…

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