Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Good morning, and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Last night I ventured up to Westchester County to eat a delicious pre thanksgiving meal prepared by my wonderful girlfriend, Amy.  We had rigatoni all a vodka with chicken cutlets, Caesar salad, and Pillsbury grands biscuits.  Delicious!  This happens to be my pre race meal, so I got up this morning and decided to run a turkey trot!

The event was a five mile run through the streets of my home town Franklin Square.  I finished the 5 miles in just over 49 minutes, and placed first overall! Mind you, this was a very small race (only one participant).

Okay, you got me…I did not run any type of official race this morning, but I did get up and get out there to run five miles on my own which in itself I consider a little victory.  Sometimes, it is nice to think of my runs as little races.  It often gives me the motivation to push through those last few miles when the legs start to feel tired, and not to slow down.

It was a beautiful morning for a run, unlike yesterday when it was raining and quite cold.  In all honesty, the cold doesn’t bother me very much, I just have to make sure to layer up!  I will leave you with a challenge…Get out this weekend and run! However much you can whether it is one lap around a track, one mile, a 5k, a 10k, or 10 miler, or a 7 miler like I will be running on Saturday, just get out and run!  It will be good to run off some of the turkey and pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving!

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