NYC Marathon Day

Today was the NYC marathon.  The first in New York since 2011 after Hurricane Sandy caused 2012’s race to be cancelled.  Today’s elite race was broadcast on ESPN2 Live as the action happened and then replayed on ABC later in the day.  I recorded and watched every minute of the pro race unfold.  One qualm I had with the Ironman World Championship was that there was no television coverage so being able to watch this race was really awesome.  Having recently moved from New York to Virginia, it was nice to be able to watch this race.

In 2011, Amy and I volunteered at the marathon, and had we still been living in NY you could have bet we would have been at the race in some capacity.  Instead, we watched on TV which was a good alternative in this case.  To honor the marathon, I did 26.6 sets of stair runs (.6 because no one’s Garmin watch ever says exactly 26.2 at the end of a marathon).  My apartment building has 4 floors…meaning 3 flights of steps.  One set is from the basement up to the top floor.  Thus…26.6 sets is 80 flights of stairs (~20 steps per flight).  I have added stair workouts in roughly once a week when I miss a run or if I can’t get out to run for some reason.

Watching the marathon makes me realize that one day I will certainly conquer this race…I just have some other goals in my sights before hand!

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